Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday 8.9.12

 Summer is coming to an end [technically, it will still be hot until December], but there is still a little time to catch a cheap summer movie!

Today I took my little ones to go see Puss in Boots at Muvico for FREE! I love going to this event, because I don't have to worry about little Avi Quinn crying. No one can pull the "we paid good money to see this!", and there are always more kids that are more obnoxious then mine there.

Next week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at ten am, Baywalk will be showing Over the Hedge for free. There is also a kids tray you can buy for 3.50 that includes a drink, popcorn, and sour patch kids.

Since we were already in, I almost showed Adeline the art of sneaking into a movie, but she had already seen Ice Age, and Dark Knight didn't start for another hour. We'll see what happens next week though ;]

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