Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Monday 8.13.12

 So there you are, trying to make breakfast the morning of a much needed grocery trip. You have cereal but no milk. Eggs but no bacon. Waffles but no syrup. Jelly but no bread. You get the drift.  What in God's green earth are you supposed to give the screaming monsters attached to your leg to be quiet?

Leftover filled eggs. Nomnomnom. I made some with Adeline today, and felt nice and full until lunch and didn't have to feel guilty [like a DD run would of left me feeling].

You can use pretty much any veggie that's about to go bad/you have left, but this is what mine included:

4 Eggs
Kale [I didn't cook mine down before I added it to the skillet because I like a little crunch]
Salsa [We had a little left from last nights nachos]
Shredded Monterrey Jack cheese [also left over from nachos]

Pretty self explanatory, cook all that stuff and put cheese on top. Yeah, if I ever write a cook book it will be called Lazy Bitch.   

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