Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday 8.16.12

I wouldn't consider myself an extreme coupon-er. I don't have a room full of toilet paper or five thousand cans of spaghetti sauce. But I do love a deal! That's why I started shopping at Publix, I love their BOGO deals. 

Now, I know that there is this whole conspiracy of Publix raising the price of the item, so in reality you aren't getting a great of a deal as you thought. Don't rain on my parade! What I do to tilt the scale in my favor is use coupons with the BOGO.

For instance, one week Ocean Spray Juice was BOGO. Now, I love me some cranberry juice. So, I found a buy two get one free coupon online, and got 4 containers of juice and only paid for one! I also found a coupon for 75 cents off of four Hamburger Helpers. Now, the only way I'd ever buy four is if they were BOGO, so I only paid for those two but got 75 cents off since there were four in my cart. Got it?

A lot of coupons require you to buy two packages of things, so they are great to use with BOGO. I'm sure you can figure out some crazy way to get twenty of them for free if your store doubles coupons and all of that, but it gets really tricky and is just not worth it to me. This week one of their BOGOs is for Taco Bell Home Originals. I also found a coupon for 75 cents off of two Taco Bell home originals. That's a savings of up to 2.34. Tacos anyone?


  1. Very cool! Im loving your blog! So what site did you get your coupons?

  2. Thanks! is great, redplum, and smartsource. If you know exactly what you want, it doesn't hurt to go straight to the company's website!

  3. I always shop @ walmart but occasionally we go to publix i always love the BOGO there! and my neighbor was telling me how she saved like 5,000 last year using coupons, i think should start doing this too! thanks for the idear! haha