Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday 8.7.12

  I am a bit of a Disney freak. Okay, a lot of a Disney freak. Like, wanting to get married on the stairs of a Disney resort surrounded by bridesmaids dressed like princesses, with an Alfred Angelo Cinderlla dress on, spending the rest of my days eating dinner at Downtown Disney wearing Minnie Mouse ears.

 So, it would make sense to me to get a tattoo of a Disney character. I actually have one already. Here's my Minnie Mouse cupcake.


This is a picture of the next Disney themed tattoo I want to get. The artist is Tim Shumate. I think I'd change it up a little bit [like the banner wouldn't say Siren] but I love the design! Do you have any Disney tattoos? Would you ever get one?

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