Monday, October 22, 2012

The Huge Halloween Post

 Things have been pretty busy around the DuPuy household. Yeah, that's right! I got married. It was a simple little thang at the courthouse, but we couldn't be happier. We got to do it our way, in secret and with our little ones and Taco Bus involved.

 This fall has been awesome, filled with crafts, cupcakes, and movies. And, oh yeah, I found pumpkin icecream. And pumpkin coffee creamer. And Averie is currently sleeping in her crib, which is kinddd of a big deal!

 I have always liked the beginning of fall, [before it gets too cold for my Floridian bones] but having kids makes fall a million times better. I can't wait to take the girlies trick or treating, and to a couple of little festivals. We already went to Not So Scary Halloween at Disney, and a Day of the Dead party at Robb's sister's house.

Anyway, this is starting to sound like a 4th grade essay of "how my vacation went", so on with some pictures, and some more updates to follow shortly!

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